May has been in the sewing business since 1968 in Hong Kong. She first started sewing in ladies' woven blouse factories where she learned how to do the cuffs, collars, plackets, pockets, zippers etc. Then she went to work in jacket, coat and fashion factories and then knitwear factories. She also learnt patterns. She then moved into sampling department and later on became floor manager. She started her own manufacturing in 1976 in ladies fashions and then switched to children's clothing. Some of the name brands she worked with: Florence Eiseman and Simi in children's wear, Giorgio Amani, Ann Taylor, Pierre Cardin and Gap in ladies' fashion.

Comments from Mr.Eisemans ( both Eiseman brothers): "Watching her sew just like watching magic!"

She moved to Canada in 1988 and had worked for a few designers in Toronto and also worked as supervisor in several factories and also taught patterns and sewing in community centers for a while. Now she has her own alterations and tailoring shop (May's Studio) in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and sometimes helps out students in fashion design major with their assignments and projects.
Sewing is her interest and she loves to sew. Since nowadays, not too many people can really sew. So, she decided to let her knowledge known and hopefully get more people interested and improve the standards.

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